Mr Rushan bin Abdul Rahman

Rushan is an ecologist with a wide range of skills that are applicable to suit development, research, and conservation projects. He brings with him a rich experience of research, particularly in sea turtle biology and ecology in countries including Malaysia, Maldives, and Australia. His work in Singapore is primarily focused on biodiversity impact assessments (BIAs) as well as biodiversity components of environmental management and monitoring programs (EMMPs), where he closely follows local guidelines as well as internationally recognized methods for surveying biodiversity. He strongly believes in the principles of Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design (BSUD), where development goals and conservation objectives can be achieved in a holistic and harmonious manner. The common thread through all his work is an unwavering commitment to strong and replicable methods as well as peer-reviewed and evidence-based science, using tools in ecological modelling and spatial ecology to find unique solutions in a rapidly-developing City in Nature.

Rushan is currently a MAC3 Scholar at Conservation International Singapore, pursuing a PhD in sea turtle conservation in Southeast Asia through James Cook University.

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