Master Planning and Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design

Identification of High-quality Habitats

Some areas within a development are of higher quality and fulfil ecological functions for flora, fauna, and people. Such habitats can be identified and given the protections necessary to continue these functions while development is on-going

Habitat Enhancement

Habitats that show signs of disturbance can be earmarked for improvements to ensure adjacent functioning habitats are properly protected, while also extending ecological functions to previously degraded habitats

Human-wildlife Interaction

As land is continuously being developed, encounters between humans and wildlife become inevitable. Such interactions can be managed by properly training people and informing them of proper management techniques

Rope Bridge Installation and Monitoring

Land development can result in a fragmented landscape. For these isolated habitats, arboreal connectivity can be established with human-built infrastructure. ArborCulture is experienced with installing rope ladder bridges for arboreal animals (e.g. Raffles Banded Langur) and monitoring the use of these bridges.