Marine Turtles

Market surveys

Market surveys and unstructured interviews with fish mongers are used in complex marine ecosystem models to simulate the impacts of different fisheries policies of fisheries and marine turtles

Economic Valuation

Total Economic Valuation of sea turtles within a region are conducted to determine the contributions sea turtles have on local economies based on different uses, such as direct take or conservation

Sea turtle population monitoring

Sea turtle populations are monitored through the use of identifying features and use of machine learning technology

Satellite tracking and spatial ecology

Satellite tagging exercises are conducted to gather data on their geolocations. These can be used to statistically determine where important areas for sea turtles are but also to determine their overlap with human activities (e.g. fishing)

Public Education Outreach

Sea turtle conservation heavy relies on public participation. Outreach and education talks to tertiary students, members of the public, and corporate events raise public awareness but also calls for people to take action for their conservation.