Cobra – TreeĀ Support System

cobra is a dynamic tree support system specially designed to be flexible and shock-absorbing and was conceived in response to functional insights and scientific research. Based on these findings, the cobra system has been perfected for successful use, down to the smallest detail.


Developed with practical scientific support for practical use, cobra has contributed to preserving valuable trees inexpensively and safely. Precise knowledge of a tree’s vital needs played a decisive role in design of the system. If the tree is to strengthen itself, a shock-absorbing unit, which can be integrated with a cable, will support compensating growth by means of a defined, low-resistance oscillation. But even without the shock absorber, the system is fully functional and flexible enough to absorb and reduce impacts caused by oscillation.


Scientific control studies have shown the longevity of the cobra system. Its strength decrease (under 2% per year) is recognized as acceptable by scientists in the field. As a result, the system, if installed according to specifications, should not require replacement for at least twelve years