Tree Support and Protection Systems


Design, supply and installation. The cabling systems are installed across weak crotches to reduce the risk of branch failure by restricting tensional and oscillation movement.

Earth Anchor

Design, supply and installation. Earth Anchors are driven into the ground and secured by an upward pull on the anchor tendon, which rotates the earth anchor into a perpendicular “anchor-lock” position in undisturbed soil.

Steel props installed on Heritage tree

Design, fabrication and installation of props and other mechanical support systems

Tree guying

Tree to ground anchor cabling, to aid mechanical support – in this case a Sea-Eagle habitat tree

Lightening Protection Systems

Design, supply and installation – Lightening Protection Systems comprise of copper cables, fasteners, air terminals and earthing rod and are designed to intercept lightening strike to avert strike damage to tree

Tree Motion Sensor Systems (TMS)

Supply and installation –  A tilt sensor installed at the base of the tree which measures structural root zone movement, records data which are simple and accurate. This data highlights on the dynamic movement of the tree and their root zones, which hence facilitates management decisions and preservation of trees.