Tree Condition

The assessment of a tree’s condition in relation to tree-health and structural condition is often the first step in determining the value of your tree assets.

Only when we have an accurate analysis of tree condition can we plan for tree retention or removal. This is particularly pertinent to development sites.

Our arborists are trained in the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) method of assessing trees.

What is Visual Tree Assessment

The VTA inspection system was developed by Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck and has gained worldwide recognition. VTA is based on the Axiom of uniform stress, which states that ‘trees grow with such a configuration that all stresses on their surfaces are distributed evenly’. (Mattheck, The body language of trees, A handbook for failure analysis. 2003).

The VTA system is a method of interpreting the trees ‘body language’ to learn to recognize the outward symptoms of defects within a tree.