Are your trees exhibiting signs of stress, are the leaves wilting or dropping off, is the tree flush with epicormic growth (water-shoots) or some other symptom of stress?

Our arborists have the knowledge and expertise to assess the health of your trees and implement treatments for pest and disease management, nutrient deficiency or to treat tree decline due to abiotic factors such as soil compaction.

Some of the treatments we can implement are:

    We use the Arborsystem Direct Inject system to inject through the tree’s bark to the cambium zone without damaging the tree’s sapwood.

    Tree injection can be used to inject –

    • Insecticides and fungicides to deliver proven protection against destructive pests and harmful diseases.
    • Innovative Nutriboosters improve tree health and appearance, and boost recovery from chlorosis, drought, or transplanting.
    • Tree Growth Regulators to let you effectively manage tree growth or reduce fruiting.

    Compacted soils prior to being loosened with air-spade


    The finished result

    Soil compaction severely inhibits tree growth and is a major factor in tree health decline and even tree death. Compacted soils are low in oxygen and do not allow for the ready percolation of water and nutrients to the tree roots.We can aerate compacted soils and even introduce nutrients directly into the root-zone using a technique called vertical mulching or radial trenching.

    This technique utilizes a compressed air through a tool known as an ‘air-spade’ to carefully loosen the compacted soil from the root-zone without damaging the tree roots. Once this compacted soil has been removed we will perform ‘soil augmentation’ by mixing an organic mulch in with the soil and filling to the original grade to provide a healthy growing medium for the tree roots.

    All trees need proper nutrition to survive and thrive. We can support the health of your trees by incorporating organic matter into the soil (mulching) and applying specialized fertilizer.
    In the case of water stressed or undernourished trees, this may be necessary to save the life of the tree. In some cases, trees are healthier left alone entirely. We are happy to provide a consultation to help you assess the best course of action for your trees.

    Foliar spraying is used to apply fungicides, pesticides, growth regulators, fertilizers, and other nutritional support or pest and disease treatments directly to the foliage of the tree. In many cases this is where these treatments can be most effective.