Transplanting large trees can create an instant effect within a new development site, park or streetscape. Transplanting mature trees to a new location within the same site can also help free up construction space when trees must be retained to comply with development conditions.

Arborculture Pte Ltd has the experience to transplant the largest of trees or any variant size.  We pride ourselves on having pioneered this activity in Singapore having developed specialist methods and equipment to allow us to transplant mature and semi-mature ‘full canopy’ trees efficiently and safely.

By ‘full canopy’ we mean that the tree will not be pruned severely or topped to facilitate transplanting. The tree will look the same post transplant as it did before transplanting. This type of pruning not only disfigures the tree from an amenity point of view but also lessens the trees ability to deal with the stresses imposed by transplanting.

Our techniques have been developed with tree health and longevity in mind. We seek to minimize the stress on the tree and encourage it to thrive in its new location.

As part of our transplant package we offer an after-care service for transplanted trees for twelve (12) months post-transplanting. In this time we will water, fertilize, apply root-development hormones as necessary and monitor the trees structural stability.

We can source landscape trees for your development!