History and Mission

Our History

ArborCulture Pte Ltd was established in 2002, at that time pioneering the industry as we were the first dedicated Arboricultural consulting firm in Singapore. Through those days until the present; we have continued as industry leaders persistently providing the Asian market with modern thinking, latest technologies and the highest quality of professional services in arboriculture.

Our experience in the Arboricultural industry spans 35+ years in the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa regions. We are an enthusiastic multi-disciplinary team who consults and also regularly and actively practice the full range of ecology and amenity tree services.

Specialty wise, we are regionally recognized for our unique Arboreal planning and systems design applied to tourism/ hospitality developments, often in luxury high-end projects that typically demand a higher conservation/ greener outcome. Having successfully completed many high-profile projects throughout Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East regions over the last 35+ years, the company’s consultants are well recognized amongst the world leaders in the field of Mature Tree Transplanting.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, innovative and professional Arboricultural services based on sound practices and proven technology. To create an Arbor ‘Culture’ within Singapore and the surrounding regions for the benefit of trees, the environment and people and persist, as internationally respected high quality service providers.